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  • lolly has added something to their "about me" page on their site! You can read it here! add comment...
  • lolly has added something to their "about me" page on their site! You can read it here! comment?
Welcome to the home of the Extremely Volatile Lunatics! [EViL]

We're a very relaxed guild who welcome new and veteran players of all playstyles & class, We're fun, friendly, helpful (and slightly nutty, join in with TeamSpeak at your own peril!) So if you're looking for a guild to make friends and enjoy exploring with or maybe beating that pesky Vista! And of course Dungeons! you're in the right place.  Desolation is a polite and helpful community, join [EViL] and make this place your home too! You can apply to join the guild right here, or send a /w to Nyxis.8571 or Spline.6019 in game. Thanks for checking us out !
DISCLAIMER: Lots of adult humor and general bad behaviour, so If you are of a nervous disposition or under the age of 18...this guild may not be for you!! :p
Guild News

bubye Wintersday! game update notes 3rd jan

lolly, Jan 3, 13 8:16 PM.


Wintersday has ended, and the residents of Lion’s Arch are tidying up, humming those bell-choir tunes as they work! They savor their memories of snowball fights, presents, toys, and Toymaker Tixx! And so the Lion’s Arch Council sends one last merry wish that the joy you felt at Wintersday will last all year long! Happy New Year!

The Wintersday Merchant will remain in Lion’s Arch for a while longer, allowing players to continue to exchange gifts.

Black Lion Trading Company Gem Store

After 11:59 p.m. PST on January 3, 2012, Wintersday items will no longer be available to purchase from the gem store.

Shatter skills now share a global 0.25 second recharge, to prevent multiple shatter effects triggering on the same illusion.

Shattered Strength: This trait now grants 1 stack of might per illusion shattered.

guild portal and database issues

lolly, Jan 3, 13 3:26 PM.
Ok so looks like the only answer they had was roll back by about 2 weeks...which means we lost all the dungeon info and the post by paul on the Elementalist...and the roster still had me down as having an engy pfft hehe.
I'd avoid posting anything on here for at least another week, while i keep and eye on GP's facebook page...then i'll look into putting it allllllll back on /sigh

The Bell Choir

lolly, Dec 15, 12 12:15 PM.

You are put into groups of 3 players and can choose a part (upper, lower, middle) that you like to play per group. You will be given six songs, beginning with easy ones and ending with the harder ones. In between songs, scores are tallied and you can recover health by hitting random notes or talk to the Snowman to get back into the group if you got kicked out due to hitting too many wrong notes.

You will be responsible for a section of 8 differently colored lanes, the left 4 corresponding to your 1-4 keys and the right 4 corresponding to your 6-9 keys. It is best to position your hands on the keyboard such that your left hand covers 1-4 and your right hand covers 6-9.

You will want to hit the key corresponding to that lane when the orb in that lane hit the inner blue circle. In the beginning,it is very easy to do so as the notes come a lot slower and you have plenty of time to react. Later on, when you get to harder songs, the orbs come down a lot faster and it can be hard to manage if you don’t react fast enough.


For every song, you start off with a score of 100. For every note you miss, you lose points and health. You can regain health by hitting the correct notes but your score can only decrease. If you miss too many notes in a row, you will take too much damage and get kicked out of the ring. You won’t be able to rejoin the ring until the next song.

Your score will determine how many Personalized Wintersday Gifts you get. Those with poor scores get 1 while those with great scores can get up to 4 gifts. A perfect score would be 600 as that means you managed to not miss a note for all six songs.

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